I have been out for days, just laying in bed to tired to do anything. It's a good thing that my place is so small now when I'm sick, two steps and you're on the other side of the apartment. 
Thursdays are my weekly wash- and cleaningday and it needs to be done no matter how sick or tired I may be. I'm kinda proud of myself for being able to perform all tasks today despite of my condition. I know it's boring but I'm going to tell you the things I've done today anyways. I think you'd also want to brag if you had fever, boiling one minute and freeze to death the next and still managing to your chores. Anyhow, I've washed two machines of laundry, vacuumed the apartment, taking some stuff to the attic, cleaning the bathroom and doing the dishes that's been piling up in the kitchen for the last few days. And when I get some energy back I'm gonna go to the sorting with some trash. But for now I'm just gonna drink my coffee, relax and listen to some music. Reliving some old memories with the band Zephyra and their album First Blood.
Btw here's a sneak a peak on what I got in the package the other day. Can you guess what's inside the box?

Har varit utslagen i några dagar men eftersom torsdag är min tvätt- och städdag så var det bara att rycka upp sig och ta tag i det hela. Har hunnit rätt mycket faktiskt och är nöjd med mig själv. Nu ska jag dricka mitt kaffe, ta det lugnt och lyssna på lite musik. Jag återupplever lite gamla minnen med bandet Zephyra och deras platta First Blood.
Här får ni en liten tjuvtitt på vad som var i paketet jag fick häromdagen. Kan ni gissa vad som är i lådan?

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