I'm home and done with the unpacking of all the things I've bought on ikea today. *happy dance*
I'm gonna celebrate this by slip into something comfy and watch a movie or two. Here are some of the new stuff.

I bought a lamp to my living room/dinging room but I haven't put it up yet.
Two pillows to my sofa.
A close up on one of them.
A tray with flowers on it. 
A thermos that feel a bit retro. I love it!
I needed tall glasses and found these cool white ones. I bought six of them.
I have a lot of plastic bags and nowhere to store them and of course ikea have a smart solution for this problem as you can see.
I bought quite a lot of napkins in different colors and patterns. I would say more then I need but they're all so pretty and I couldn't make up my mind.

And a massive amount of candles. But as some/all of you know I have a pretty cold apartment, usually 17C and only about 14C on the floor. Therefore I have candles all of the place to make it a bit warmer and it's cozy too. So I'm going to need all these candles and probably more too but it's a start.
Oh and not to forget a reflective vest for when I'm outside and walking in the dark. I rather be uncool (if that's what you consider wearing one of these is) and seen than cool and hit by a car.
Btw I have a storage in my sofa and while I was on the go with all the unpacking and storing I took the opportunity to move some stuff there from my closet so I would get more room.
Clever huh?

Har kommit hem från Ikea och är klar med att packa upp och ställa undan alla grejer. Riktigt skönt! Tänkte belöna mig själv genom att ta på mig något bekvämt och se en film eller två.
Jag passade även på att flytta över en del grejer från min garderob till förvaringen som är under divanen för att få mera utrymme till annat.
Bilderna är på en del av grejerna jag köpte på Ikea.

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